assets with good topology


I’m currently working on some assets as a topology exercise.

Can anyone give me some tips for the topology of my current asset(maybe some of you know what it is :wink: )?

Thank You!


(I changed the thumbnail to the newer model)



You should remove the poles of 6 edges that I marked in the image with red dots. Also triangles (edges marked in yellow). A possible solution to the E6 front is cut with K by green lines.

There must always be at least one row of faces from 2 loops to avoid poles 6 edges. In the other image in all cases it is part of two loops that do not fulfill this condition and therefore there is a polo E6. There are various techniques to remove it, for example:

In case 1 I created a row of faces that separates the two loops. This increases the number of faces in the mesh.

In the second case I’ve merged the vertices marked with ALT + M. There is a face less in the mesh.

In the third case I’ve ripped with the selected vertex V and created a face in the resulting gap. There is one more face in the mesh.

In all cases the original loop flow is maintained.

Case 4 could be the mouth: red loop is not closed and extends through the mesh. Uniting the 3 rows selected in one edge, we close the loop and eliminate the red E6. (Pictured is a E5 because I have not set below red mesh loop).

In this case the flow of red loop is changed, but it is better because the deformation is contained, and the result is a mesh with less expensive than reacts better smoothing.

Thanks, here’s a little update, The 6 poles in the middle were kinda hard to remove for me.


It looks better now, but you can simplify. There seems to be a triangle (painted red and surrounded by a green circle). Now I think the front loop is not necessary because neither you increase or decrease the mesh. At both ends of the loop are 3 vertex. Can include the loop in the opposite direction, to decrease the number of vertex as in my example loops red vertex. I made a simple example painting the main loops of different color. It is best to define these loops before subdivide the mesh.

Thanks, this helped me a lot, it look really clean right now! :slight_smile:

To not start a new thread with the same topic, I post it here:

Here’s another topology exercise. I found a very nice concept by Karolina ‘Twarda’ Twardosz ( and wanted to give it a try.

Here’s what I came up with. I already did some optimizing, the part between the neck and the big “spixky-shuppets”, was really dense, so sculpting details was really hard.

I know it’s not great, but I’m still learning. Maybe you guys can help me :wink: