Is there when making your game to have like a single blend file holding all the different objects for you game then then in an entire different blend where you actually making a level easily import it.

Duh i guess you can just append each object from that blend but is there away so that if you change an object in the blend it will change all the same objects in the rest of the levels that you made?

Instead of choosing ‘Append’ from the menu, choose ‘Link’ instead.

so this will update all of them when i just change the first object like if i have a cube in the assets blend and change it it will change them all that i have in different blends?

You might have to reload your current .blend, but yes. Your assets will be linked across .blends.

Yup, andrew-101 is quite right

I link groups rather than objects. And have the one blend (the models one) also have all the logic etc.

I actually have a few blends:

main.blend - the main blend, assembles everything else
player.blend - the player(s) and their logic
enemies.blend - the enemies and their logic

And then:
Level1.blend - level1 and all it’s associated logic, textures etc
props.blend - items that appear in multiple levels (powerups, and such)

ok i will check it out thanks!

ok so i got it working but when i link over objects one if creates an empty that has the object parented to it but object its self is way offseted and also it doesnt bring over the colors and stuff like on a tile if i link it from the props blend to the level 1 blend it has the normal map of the tile but no color and the normal map doesnt have geometry enabled.

also all the objects no longer have logic bricks.

oh so i figure out if you link groups then ya the logic bricks arent there but if you link objects then everything works fine but for somereason it wont let me move the object around or rotate it or anything it doesnt even show the little push pull arrows or handle what ever its called.

oh and the textures and materials not soing up… was due to not turning GLSL on in the new blend… Face Palm

bump sorry :slight_smile:

Concerning the Lack of Movability, linked Objects cannot be moved in Blender because their World Coordinates are also Part of the linked Data – unfortunately.

I think I explained this in the above thread. You can’t change a linked object. This includes the position!.

Therefore it is better to use a group.

As you discovered group instances loose the connection to the instantiating object. You can have a look at LinkLib. It can perform the parent relationship for you.

BTW: you can’t see the details of a group instance as you can’t select the instance. You can select the instantiating object ONLY. The group instance still has all logic and properties. This is quite nice as the user does not need to care the implementation of the group (and he can’t destroy it).

so the group objects actually do have the logic you just cant see it?

cool so this works but now my problem is that when i link a group like a cube it has the empty in the middle and the actually object attached to it but the object is not centered to the empty its offset a ways.

EDIT: Never mind i figure it out you just have to have the object or group in the center of the props blend so that when you link it into the level blend its pivot point or axis point is in the center. but this means i have to have all the groups in the props blend in the center so it makes it hard to see them.

I recommend to place the group objects at different layers and/or different scenes.
You use library file usually not directly. So they can contain objects for testing the group.

If you really do not want to use the scenes origin, you can set an offset when you create a group (same panel).

Like Monster’s been saying, you usually want to create a group for each individual object or set of objects (like a Player character object setup), and set the offset for each group (not have the offset set to 0,0,0). On the Group panel, you can set the offset manually, or set it to the cursor position. An easy way would be to select the object that you want to add to a group, Press Shift+S to open the snap menu, snap the cursor to the object, then offset the group to the cursor position.

You link it.
What if your linked object has some steering / track to and the object that has to be tracked its not there anymore?
Or the navmesh?

Python to set the property to whatever object is present?

EDIT: Or link it in with the linked object?

The player is linked and you link the char that should follow the player, now how do you make the char follow the player if both are linked.

how do i get the linked player setup to work i have a cube as the player body and a camera and i made them all into a single group called player_setup but when i link it i can no longer set the camera as the current viewport instead it sets it as the camera and cube together.