assighning vertices to bones

Hello all, ive been working in blender for a while now but i am working on humans now. I have made an armature put it inside my skeleton. parented the two the right way. then went through and added constraints to the bones(ik) the skeleton functions like it should the only problem is it will not assign the vertices’s correctly. I have done both methods, weight painting, and assigning vertices’s manually. all the right vertices’s are assigned. but no matter what i do the body will not move will the skeleton. some do though, the ones originally assigned but no matter how many times ive changed it it will not work. I have vertices’s groups, ive deleted the all and renamed them. but then the skeleton doesnt move at all.

any ideas?


Is there an Armature modifer on the mesh?

Yeah there is. but i happened to get it working. I hadnt overlaped the vertices , and i think the weight was interfiering by just keeping the model i place.