"Assign automatic from bones" not working

I’m using the new pichipoy rigify.

Works fine when I parent the rig to the mesh with ctrl-p and select “automatically assign weights” but when I parent the armature to the mesh without weights, and then go into weight paint mode, click “weights” and then Assign automatic from bones, it doesn’t work.

Further when I try to “Transfer weights” under the “Weight tools” tab to transfer weights to the skirt I do get all the vertex groups to show under skirt’s vertex groups however they don’t have a weight.

I think the two are related.

Basically all I want is to automatically apply weights to the bones and then transfer those weights to the skirt, blouse, hair.


anime.F.13.blend (2.66 MB)

The bones need to be selected. Since weights are assigned to bones that are set to deform, you need to select those ones, and they’re not visible in your file

Deform bones are on armature layer 30 (index 29). Selecting all of those and then weights -> assign automatic from bones works.

Thank you JA12

I opened the file this morning and all the weights showed up on the mesh in weight paint mode. Maybe what it needed was restarting blender?

Now to try transferring the weights to the clothes.