Assign materials in blender 2.9

Dear Experts,

How to assign materials to text? Do I need to convert to a mesh?
LUXURIOUS.blend (880.5 KB)
Thank you

Yes, that’s the way to go :slight_smile:

But why it does not work? I try to change and nothing happens. I assigned the colors to each letter.

But there’s no mesh, only text. Have to convert to mesh and after that assign the right material.


For this task, you don’t need to convert it to mesh. You don’t see different colors because you’ve assigned them incorrectly. You’ve added new material slots with new materials to each object, but did not actually assign those slots to letters themselves, so they keep using the first slot. You simply need to go over each one and delete slots that you don’t need, keeping only one with the proper material assigned.

You can also assign different slots to different letters within one text object, without having to separate each letter to its own object (just need to select the letter(s) with shift+arrow key, select the appropriate material slot and hit the Assign button).

LUXURIOUS_fixed.blend (140.2 KB)