assign vertices to bones?

i re assign vertices to vertex group for bones

and i still have some vertices which are outside the defined vertex group and moving when moving the bone

so how can this happen ?

i mean i cannot see theses vertices selected for this bone in vertex group?

so how can i correct this ?


Ricky is the armature deforming using envelopes as well? Armatures can deform with vertex groups and or envelopes.


sorry i’m in 2.53

but i’ll see if i can find theses vars in 2.5

but how come after changing the vertex group in edit mode it is still doing moving vertex outside the assigned ones


in the modifier for the mesh
i got 2 vertex groupd and also bones enveloppes

so you mean i should remove the bone enveloppe here in this modfiier?

i removed the 2 enveloppes check box

ok i can see some vertex not part of the vertex group now when mving in pose mode

wow now i have to recheck all vertex group!


after removing this enveloppe thing

i check out the bone in the leg and now i still have vertex out of the vertex group moving

like when i rotate the leg bone i get some vertex from the arm moving with it !
how can i correct this

also when moving the arm bone now it looks like some of the vertex don’t have the proper weight and don’t follow the same then the other ones!

so does it means i have to go back in wiegt paint to redo the weight too?