Assigning A Different Material from a Texture?

Hey there, I was just wondering if it was possible to be able to take this black spiral and give it a sort of glossy, paint-ish look, while having the rest of it be the texture status quo.

So here is pretty much the setup I have. The top row of nodes is for overlaying the spiral with a subtle leather texture, which is the node set up below, which is essentially the same setup.
The spiral was texture painted after unwrapping the object, and is used as an image texture in the top row.
The bottom row is just bumpmapping for the leather.
This aside, what would be necessary to make it so the spiral is a separate material?
The following picture below is a quick render. I’d more or less want everything to be that color, just the spiral separate. Is it possible to do this?
Also, to clear up any confusion; the spiral is purely black on an alpha background, and is just run through a multiply to give it a separate color. The spiral itself is not brown.

Use spiral alpha as a mix factor for 2 materials - one your leather, another whatever you would like to see spiral.

I was REALLY over-thinking this. Thank you a ton.