Assigning a material to thousands of objects in scene

Hello folks,

I am new to Blender, but have worked for many years in the film industry with Maya and Houdini - so please take pity on me if I use the wrong terms and names.

I have a fairly complex scene, where I imported an .obj into it. This obj splits into literally 1000+ objects in my Blender outliner. For clarity, I am grouping all these objects into the same group, but I also need to assign them the same material.

This is my question:

Is there a quicker way to assign all these many objects the same material?

Right now, I am literally working through the outliner assigning each object to the group and the material. But as this is roughly 3-5000 mouse clicks for the total operation, this is not a very efficient way to spend your time.

What would you do?

grab all the objects
go to materials panel
select “add new material” (+ sign)
select the material you want.

the outliner is best used to find lost objects, not to try and make efits, etc.

You can link a material ( = assign a material) from an active object to all other selected objects, like this:

  • assign the material to one object
  • select all objects, then select the object from step 1 last, so it becomes the so-called active object (or shift-select it if it’s already selected and not the active object). The active object has, per default theme, a slightly brighter selection color.
  • with the mouse cursor over the 3D view, hit Ctrl+L and click on material in the popup

Edit: oh, and welcome to Blender! :slight_smile: