Assorted confectionery

Rendered with Cycles (1000×). Other software used: Inkscape (textures) and Image Analyzer (color correction).

This looks stunning, I love it!

Well done!

This is one beautiful work /render . Light is outstanding , what I really like to know how you were able to get that red candy wrapper to have that fine transparency through the glass . thank you .

Great scene to play out the strength of cycles. Very nice picture.

Nice one, great job on the shaders. Congrats!

The node setup for the transparent candy wrapper material was an interesting one. I mixed a transparent BSDF with a sharp glossy BSDF, using fresnel as the blend factor, making it reflective at grazing angles and transparent (non-refractive) when viewed head-on. After that I set the input color of the transparent BSDF to also blend depending on angle of incidence (strong red filtering at grazing angles, light red filtering head-on), to simulate a colored thin film.

I modeled the wrapper as a single-sided surface (no thickness), but therefore I also had to make my own fresnel node (I used Schlick’s approximation for that). That is because Cycles’ fresnel node acts differently depending on the surface normal (light entering the medium vs. light leaving the medium), and makes the wrapper look like solid glass. I didn’t need internal reflections, because they are pretty negligible in thin transparent films.

[EDIT] That is, negligible until the film gets so very thin it becomes iridescent, but that’s a different story altogether.

A screen shot of the node setup would be greatly appreciated. :eek:

Here you go:

That’s crazy man, please make a videotut on “how to get whatever you want” from nodes using math formula etc… lol

Looks really good man.
Also, thanks for sharing the node setup.

This looks absolutely amazing … I’d love to see more like this :slight_smile: Great job

great job, congratulations

Thanks for sharing the node set up!

Hardcore shaders, I couldn’t understand it, really amazing image.

Damn, the shaders are awesome - bubbles in glass look correct, marshmallows look perfect, cloth is great. Excellent job on the nodes!

Well done, lot of ideas here. Thank you, very much!!!
Great image.

Thanks everyone!

About the marshmallows, they were a bit tricky to get right, because cycles doesn’t have a subsurface scattering shader yet. So I gave the marshmallows a double layer with a solidify modifier, and made the outer layer translucent. Worked like a charm.

That is amazing, just the care you put into the materials is mindblowing.

I really love the lighting of the whole image.

That’s amazing… :slight_smile: