Asteroid and procedural textures/materials

Hi! I am now figured out how to modeling rocks and asteroids and add procedural textures/materials. But i have to ask how to add small craters,pot holes to asteroid surface. With procedural textures. I ask because i want add some dramatic features for surface.In real life asteroids are like gray potatoes :D. So how to do?:spin:

There was a very recent thread about this very thing - do a quick search, i’m sure it’ll come up.

craters are a pain currently

there is really no good way

i start with using a fractal generator to make certain types of noise and use simple cylindrical maps

manually blend together many “crater masks”
then blend that with a “BASE” DEM – exported from the " blender rock script"

then import it as a DEM into a small body

– a ton of work
and blender is only used in the LAST step
— rendered NOT in blender
i get small bodies that look like

concepts for Pluto’s 4 small moons
Hydra , Kerberos , nix , Styx

or these the base was made using the “rock generator”

or something like this

a step by step guide will take some time and require some software

i run Linux but these should run under other OS’s
planetGenesis – a java based node fractal generator
– old but still works

you can also use “Wilbur” a Microsoft program ( runs in WINE on linux)
to erode the dem or make a NOISE layer

Cinepaint( linux ONLY!!! ) a very old and almost antique fork of the old Gimp1.0 ( handles 16 bit and 32 bit images )

can be replaced with – but YOU need to build the source code
the DEVELOPMENT!!! version of Gimp( 2.9 ) also handles 16 and 32 bit images – but there are still BUGS!!!
– grab it from the github page

the add rocks generator script for blender
the LOLA/MOLA pds importer
i use that to import the dem into a small body

for a look at REAL!!! asteroids
i have some postings on Celestialmatters
— links

these ARE the scientifically accurate for what we do KNOW about them

the asteroid Vesta

the “small body - Ceres” – dawn is not yet in the mapping orbit , it will be soon

NOT MINE!!! but a GREAT!!! mesh generated from multy views od comet 67p