Asteroid animation

So, I was trying to make some asteroid materials… accidentally made a road safety ad. There is sound in the video, albeit not much.

(Copied post from Finished Results)


just one problem with your road safety ad, speed NEVER killed anyone(this is the principle of relativity). acceleration(positive,negative or perpendicular to motion) on the other hand gives some potentially very nasty g forces which might well kill you. the other part of this problem is flying a spacecraft involves very different maneuvers to driving a car.

lovely model of the asteroid though spinning rather faster than one would expect, being so weakly gravitationally bound many asteroids would break apart on their own if spun at that speed. also given the huge energies of the collision one probably expects a flash of light given off when during he impact some of the surface is vaporised, from the camera angle we wouldn’t see the flash directly but it would light up background asteroids and the debris blown off by the impact would probably be finer grained. finally i must praise you for having all the light coming from one distant source as one would usually get in space and the dark shadows in regions not exposed to that direct sunlight.

I am aware that the deceleration is what kills, I actually meant that if you go just a little bit to fast, you won’t have time to react fast enough, breaking will be harder, and the creash will be more intense. Also this only turned into a road safety add after I had rendered it. It was never meant to be that. But thank you for your nice critique!

Nice. I can really feel the ship pass with the camera shake. The ship loses most of that wonderful feeling of weight in the turn, though. It changes momentum too rapidly. Still, not bad for being a secondary object.

For the main topic, that asteroid looks very nice!

Good job mate. The camera shake was awesome!