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Asteroid-Mayhem for blender v2.73

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####### Acknowledgment #######

This game is still in it’s prototype phase, I regularly improve this game whenever I have the opportunity so keep updated ! ; Otherwise have fun and do not hesitate to post your comments.

####### Game Story

-Take control of the Siar-1X spacecraft and explore the unknown regions of space !

-You first mission is to find out what happened to the scientific-exploring team that was sent out to study a newly discovered alien life form.

-Avoid the asteroids and don’t get too close to those alien bugs !

The game got a complete revision and now it should run well on small computers ; sorry if some of you couldn’t get the game running.

nice prototype!

some thoughts:

  • the controls are ok so far but could be closer matching to aircrafts behavior (rotation)
  • the vertex count on the asteroids is pretty high

ideas regarding how gamedesign could evolve:

  • simple but nice mp - spaceracer
  • classic shooter
  • both of them, spaceracer with shooter elements (e.g. randomly appearing foes and changing obstacles)

Thanks “jester elly” for the advice, I agree :slight_smile:

I have tried to improve the game a bit, it’s far from perfect, all I have to do is just keep on working on it…

Improvements :

Asteroids were improved and now have a low-poly count.
A wave system for the asteroids so the longer you survive the harder the game gets.
The game has an end to it and doesn’t go on for ever.
low poly ice asteroid, free-to-use (click here or on the img for the .blend)

just a suggestion for a icy-asteroids-stage:

tested the game and the engine a littlebit - the polycount of the original ice asteroid is pretty high and the engine can’t handle this adequate, so the big one is just spawned rarely, smaller asteroids are pretty lowoply icospheres and wave 1 was running at 60fps constantly. edit: seems there was a unapplied subsurf-modifier on the big one, maybe this caused the slowdown.

as you see, i’ve been pushing this a bit further. added a different spacecraft and used this model from blendswap:

re-rigged and weightpainted it and updated the game-files to a robot - modded version. regarding the robots abilities, could be nice to have a special stage with the robot where you grab items and have to place them beside shooting enemies…

Asteroid Mayhem BA-2 Bot Mod: asteroid_m.7z

Wow ! Thanks jester elly for your contribution ! very apperciated :slight_smile:

  1. The asteroids are very nice, and they would be made up of ice, if being near a giant gassy planet such as Saturn, good job…
  2. Great update of the game, The “Blast All Bot Mark 2” is a very nice design, and does deserve to get used, for sure.

Well it’s back to the drawing-board for me, I will see what I can do as to improve the Asteroid-Mayhem game concept.

Thanks again.

no problem, my pleasure!

updated the asteroid.blend linked in the post above - improved the mapping and finally the ugly seam is just barely noticeable. in the .blend there is a lowpoly-icosphere and a raw uv-sphere as starting points to form your custom asteroids if you want to.

for the game, just brainstorming: a solid arcade version with different asteroid - waves and maybe some enemies to shoot would be a good basement. with the normal map rendering you shared you can generate many many interesting surfaces so creating asteroids will be an interesting task. maybe you can add special stages or boss fights later. the original design with the spaceship should be available to the player and the robot maybe just a special stage. would be cool to do a simple multiplayer with robot - deathmatch in a asteroid field or something as icing on the cake, but regarding my programming skills, this is just dreaming…

What format of weapon handler are you using?


animated via physics,

I can’t dodge that big asteroid it fills the whole screen…

nm / set all empties (rigid body spheres) to .1 mass,

and you may need to toy with other settings,

Hey BPR ! thanks I will have to look at that later on…

I am against weapons in video games ! except if there is a very good reason to blast everything :smiley: , Asteroids is one of them…

Weapons will be coming soon, sure I could need a resource for that.

Be back later.

Added a “state switching” system that turns states 1 - 10 on and off on a weapon manger

state 0 = (state switch)

state 1 = weapon 1

state 2 = weapon 2


Animated Rig - No Physics


Fun stuff.

Hey Hey, Nice Videos ! that is great, a robot surfing waves of asteroids :slight_smile:
I am going to look for some extra resources and be back in 24/48 hours.
Thanks again everyone.

@solarforge: …have seen your spacecraft model on blendswap lately and i am wondering will there be a ship selection screen for the game? there are at least 3 ships now. do you have any ideas how to do the logic for it? would be cool…

SIAR-1X - a new spacecraft for the game, hope you’ll enjoy!

you can download the file at blendswap: siar1x.blend


Very,very pretty ! nice work, I can not wait to use it :slight_smile: ; Today I will work on Asteroid-Mayhem and try to find a way to make a spaceship selector at the beginning of the game… otherwise the prettiest gets used first !

Yeah, a lot of the blends that I have put on the website are sort of 50%-75% finished !
All they need is some TLC put into them, as well some models will get redone from scratch, I have been putting it off for almost 2 years now… time goes by so quickly.

Yeah ! A big thanks to jester elly for contributing an awesome spacecraft model as well as BluePrintRandom for helping with the python scripting.

I have updated the main download (beginning of this thread) ; Getting there ! I will update again shortly…

Updated the game, now the spaceship explodes when colliding with an asteroid !

I have to find a way of making the spaceship break up in to little bits…

I managed to make a really nice video texture for the game using bc’s “Explosion” example.

You can get it here :

Updated the game Asteroid-Mayhem.

The music track in the game has been changed and is less aggressive than the previous one , more “Ambiance”.

The Asteroids have been improved, still experimental stuff but looking good.

The spacecraft now uses “halo” objects to simulate attitude jet blasts.

I would just take the ship, grab some faces, duplicate the item, and then delete the faces, edit the other duplicate, do ctrl I, then delete, now you have a ship in two pieces, repeat this like 20 times, parent a bunch of empties that add the pieces to a EMPTY, spawn in the EMPTY and delete the ship, this way the pieces can all be rigid bodies with collision etc.