Aston martin DB5 (update)

Hi everybody,
here is my latest little project, James bond car Aston martin DB5. (I made it during my finals to prevent me going mental:D) Here are two final renders of the model in Cycles. It took ages to render (well 7 hours to be more specific). Lens flare added in the Gimp.

EDIT: Well since I managed to cut down the render time to 3 hours, I produce another images. One from the top view (image above) and the rest is down in separate post.

Where’s the passenger side rear tire? I’m guessing it’s been removed to reduce poly count/render speed but its quite obvious its missing on the first image! Lens flare’s a little strong imo but the modelin and materials look very good.

Awesome! I’m gonna start humming Bond all day now…

Sweet! I love the front render.

The tire material is too shiny, but other than that, it’s a great image.

Really very nice! The car itself is art, and the picture is wonderful! I love it!Really very nice! The car itself is art, and the picture is wonderful! I love it!

Great modelling and render.

Agree on the lens flare, and for sure the missing tyre spoils the first render.


Are you gonna animate it now to show machine guns deploying from the grille? =P

Great car and render! :slight_smile: I like the rendering style/postprocessing very much. Congrats!

lens flare in studio really? better would be with out post pro overall great modeling and rendering

It’s really nice. Cool model

but the lens flare really spoils the image imho.

same as everyone else. quite nice :slight_smile: and the missing tires are a bit weird (but I didn’t really notice them until it was mentioned, but then again, I didn’t look that closely)

Thank you all for your replies.

When I read your post I realized that during the render It was really hidden, so I went in to the blender and check it, and you know what? It doesn´t matter, since even if visible, the tire is still hidden behind the car:D. Here take a look at this wire-frame screen shot. Well, perspective…

And also, I didn´t thought that much about the flare (it is studio shot allright) since the reflection on the car is from hdri image of forest, so… And I do not have the original render without the flare (I have only the render of the back), so I might do new one (front), which will include the machine guns (which are behind the small front signal light).

I’d consider changing the camera angle on that shot; make it more obvious that the tyre shouldn’t be visible.

New render without the flare, since you didn´t liked it. Also I improved the body a little so the side reflection looks better and added machine guns.

It is the same render as before, but I added muzzle flashes. I thought it might be cool. Well it isn’t, but I posted it anyway.

cool render
especially the last one :wink:

Nice, Looks way better and the machine guns firing is cool.

I like the renders without the lens flare also. And the muzzle flashes are actually pretty cool. Very well done.