Aston Martin DB9


Just one more render from my never ending row of car renders… ^^
This time i tried to focus on the materials, while I think it is one of the most important things which makes a rendered car look real or fake. I have also tried a lot of fancy lighting setup, but ended up using this simple setup consisting of a softbox, an arealamp and an emission plane to light up the front of the car. - Sooo… The modeling isn’t great at all, while I’ve focused on the other things. :slight_smile:

ZERO-Compressed version:

For the car paint I focused - yea, I really like that word :stuck_out_tongue: - a lot on the flakes and made them visible even from a quite far distance. This probably isn’t very realistic, but I really liked the way it looked so I kept them like that. :slight_smile:

A close shot at the car paint:

ZERO-Compressed version:

I hope you like it. Feedback and ratings are very welcome. :slight_smile:

  • Daniel Vesterbæk

***And by the way… Does anybody know how to post zero compressed images? I’m getting sick of BlenderArtists constantly compressing my renders. :frowning: