Aston Martin DBS

Hey guys and girls,
I’ve been working on this Aston Martin DBS and I’m wondering what I can do to make it seem more realistic and epic.
Mostly I need suggestions on materials, compositing, and how to light up the scene, since I spend most of my blender time modeling, texturing, or creating games

These are the same car (obviously, but I mean with no changes, I just added a ground material)
I would really like some tips on camera angles and viewing positions, what to use, when, and why

Oh, and if you have any other suggestions, those would be welcome
That would be awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


1st thing, wow! Nice modeling, although I think the brake calipers look too big. For camera angles, look at the Aston Martin One-77 post on this section of Blenderartists, because that is a very good camera angle. As for materials, I would try to find a Car Paint tutorial, but I have one myself (Can’t remember what tutorial its from) and I can give you the .blend. You should also add a glass material for the windows, and use a studio HDRi (Which I also can show/provide). Aside from that, you’re off to a good start! Has tons of potential :wink:

Edit: Check Andrew Price’s tutorial on compositing the spaceship for ideas on how to make your image “pop”

Thanks for the crit :slight_smile:

I have to mention a few things though. I modeled the brakes off of a real image, and although I didn’t use a blueprint and “eyeballed” everything, I think my model and the image are pretty similar. I already looked at it(before I posted this thread), but I don’t know why it’s good and why it works on that specific car. Every car is different and should have different lighting, compositing and camera angles.

I actually used a car paint tutorial and same for the glass material, I just don’t know why it doesn’t work

I have an HDR image as a sky texture, but it’s not showing because it lights up the image too bright (I think), so I didn’t include it in the render

Do you think the headlight covers are too transparent?

Oh ok I see. I’m not sure why the looked odd to me, just used to seeing smaller brakes on normal cars :wink: The camera angle should include the front of the car, because its probably one of the most important things. The headlight covers are maybe a tad to transparent but they look great! As for the car paint, I can’t really notice the specks, I guess maybe you need to turn down the size?

Ok thanks. I think it’s just because of my unusual lighting. I’m not too good at lighting and compositing, so plz help me :slight_smile:
Here are the flat views of the car, I know the front lights look funny, and that’s because of the transparent plastic material that curves the light…still working on a way to make that a little bit more plastic-like

The windows don’t have the modifiers applied (or else it would slow my computer down a lot) so they look a little bland right now, but for the final they’ll be fine…Hopefully…but just in case, does anyone know how to create a car glass material (not just using glass shader)

The car hasn’t been changed since first post, mostly because I don’t know what to change for the better. any suggestions?

Have you seen Andrew Price’s “Mastering Lighting” tutorial? That would help a lot, as would his compositing ones as well. Good luck

Top view of the car, hope this helps weed out any flaws in modeling or materials

Ok thanks, I’ll go check out his video