Aston Martin Vanquish V12 2012

Finally, I’m happy with what I’ve done. Think it took me longer to do the ground and backdrop than it did to do the car.

First time I’ve tried anything related to videos; they seem ok and the links work, so it’s a start.

Note: the mesh density on the boot has been reduced since I did this video.

Very nice! One of the best supercars out there and you’ve done a great job.

Haha, it took you longer to do the backdrop than the car! I’ve started this car twice and gave up because it looked terrible. I’ll get it someday. Very nicely done!

Nice model ! the paint looks too glossy though :\ keep up the good work!

Thank you.

It was tough to get the correct shape, and there were definite challenges. But getting a back-drop I was happy with was really challenging. I tried the smoke-sim for the first time, and it took me a couple of weeks to get it looking like it is; I tried modelling some clouds first, and while they looked ok, they weren’t right.
With the ground, the cobble texture was probably a little low, so it was a pain to get some ‘life’ into it. It looked like a texture slapped on a plane for ages. I’m still not hundred percent happy with it now - but I like the cobbles in that texture.

You’ve done an awesome job imo, but the main render… well, the color just doesn’t seem ok to me. But the turntable is great.

The modeling looks great but please change that material. Look for some good materials for cars on the net.

modelling looks really nice, I do have to agree with the others about the material. red might be better?

Thank you for comments…

Guess, I’ll re-render;

The blue is the same mat as the red, with the colours tweaked to blue. Probably a little too low on the lighting.

Watch this space /nod.

I’m thinking this was a little too bright when rendered. What do folks think?

That’s better!

definitely better.

Thanks, going to see if I can tone down the ground’s brightness a little.

The model itself looks great. I cant tell what it is, but i feel that the ground and background do not do the render justice

Ha thanks. :slight_smile: I think.

I slaved long and hard getting the backdrop as it is.

The material is too reflective if you ask me…

Great work, but in which rendering engine that was concluded?

Could be, it’s certainly a slightly lighter shade due to the lighting; needs less.

Sorry missed your reply somehow.

Cycles (4k samples); I used a render farm and as it tried to switch from gpu rendering to cpu rendering near the end; it took longer, likely cost more too. :frowning: Fortunately I had some free credits as I beta-tested.

Given your intitial post, i will dispense with the minute detail nit picking. Instead, i will suggest that join the car modellers group. We would love to have you. It is something that we are trying to get off the ground: