Aston Martin

I’m kinda new in the ‘‘car renders’’ thing so would appriciate some feedback. I have not quiet finished yet with this one, but like said before feedback appriciated.***Portfolio:

Very nice! The background (photo?) is very nice, it fits the car very well. :slight_smile:

Very nice. The blurriness of the background doesn’t feel quite right to me though, especially on the edges. But I can’t really tell you why. Maybe it needs to be slightly more, but especially towards the vantage point?

I agree that the background fits the picture. It seems like the scale of your car is a bit off (looks too big) but other than that it looks great!

The reason why it might fit it so well is beacause I used the background as an enviorement texture, to achieve the right reflections and stuff. However it took me a while to find the right background :smiley:

Excellent, the blur might be a little too much as it makes the car look too separate from the background but otherwise really nice, the sort of image you get in motoring tv shows.

An updated version. Is it better?

Yes, however the car is a little to large. It should fit in it’s lane. And there is a black bar at the top of the image; I don’t know if that was intentional. Otherwise, it looks good to me. :slight_smile:

Another version I might consider to go for.

I really like the red!

I like it too, but never heard about red aston’s

Good, the red is the best! BTW, it’s called creative license. xD

i think you should move the camera a bit up, and also, the skys are drawing too much attention. try to make them a bit more dim.

also the road is too small… the car cant fit in one field, witch is wierd to look at. try to make the road wider.

Improved version***My portfolio :

scaling down the car was a good idea, but i still think the skys in the back draws too much attention.

I think it give’s a special mood to this render. Without it woodn’t look that good.

Nice… but i think the carpaint material should reflect the environment better.

try to blur the outlines around the sky tho.
and also, Simpo has a good point, the car should reflect the enviroments.

I can see what I can do about it:rolleyes: