Astro Boy


I’m doing this character for a challenge of blender Costa Rica
the idea, it’s to make a character from a series of 80s and I chose to Astro Boy

wip 1

wip 2

The neck feels too thick.

thank you, i’m going to check it :slight_smile:

wip 3

wip 4 texturing

Nice and clean modelling. You took a lot of freedom compared to your reference images. I think you did that intentionally?

yeah I wanted to make my own version of this character, the pictures are for know “what does he look like?” :slight_smile:

sorry my english is not good

wip 5 hair

Very cool!.. I especially now that you have hit the texturing phase… very impressive…

my the last render, when I have time, I’m going to do another render for fixing the boot :slight_smile:

Very cool… on this final Render … one almost wishes for more shadows on the the opposite of the boots from the bright Thrusters… (but just a small crit… nothing that will kill the effect you already have)

Astroboy!!!But man…this looks so realistic…it’d probably fit in Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto.Great job!

Good choice! I feel that liberties you took take away the atmosphere around the original character:

  • too long neck. The original was almost non existent.
  • head is not round enough.
  • black outlines on body parts are too thick.
  • eyebrows are too straight as opposed to how curvy they are in the ref.
  • nose is not round.
  • boots are below the knee vs mid thigh in reference.

So IMHO you have a good model but too far from the original Astro Boy.

thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

A wonderful render! I love the eyes. It feels like a somewhat grown up Astro Boy.

Great work… Use Reference material as just that… Reference Material… in the end it’s your Artwork… put your own personality into and and don’t always worry about copying in exactness… You obviously got your inspiration from the origonal and wanted to put your own spin on it… I think you’ve done a Great job doing that… I think with a character like this… the finer points are about how does it animate? what Story is He going to tell us? how is he different from the old Astro Boy… nothing ever gets done like the old one… Keep up the good work… JMHO