Astro Dragon

Here’s my second blender project. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, but my primary goals were met. With this piece I wanted to practice sculpting details, which I did with the dragon scales. I also wanted to start to learn hard surface modeling, which I did with the ship. I also wanted a full scene instead of a dragon floating in space. I tried a little texture painting as well, but didn’t end up keeping it.

A few of the elements in I got from others that I want to give credit to and thank:
Planet shader from Christopher Fraser
Moonscape from Midge Sinnaeve
Eye from MaxEdge


Cool Lizard :slight_smile:
Did you Sculpt each Scale of the Head?

Just a thing, I didn’t actually saw its helmet at first, maybe try playing a bit with the Transmission :slight_smile:

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I tried a lot of different things for the scales on the head, but what you see in here is mostly alpha brushes with some touch up. I intended to do some texture painting to finish the head, but I got bored.

Thanks for the glass tip!

Here’s a closeup of the face.

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