I started with a helmet:


I notice that you have a two piece setup - either you have plans to have this movable … it’s still in the basic stages.

Look forward to your choice of materials/textures on this exercise.

It’s a great start by the way, UV-unwrapping should be a breeze for the helmet.

Thank you for a comment and good observation kbot!
Although is this model in early stage one can already start to think about the next stages and possible obstacles…
Why two pieces setup?
Well, I try to keep a model on a low resolution as long as possible, so, a simple rounded ‘glass’ part of a helmet can be made with a lower resolution.
Plans to have this movable?
Yes, this two parts will be (re)movable, but as a whole helmet, not as a separate parts. I’ll try to make a real space suit. Real in a way that will have all features needed for a space silly walk! :yes:

So it’s fun to think about a space suit (changing) colors, pressure sensors, oxygen & power supply, etc…

Next stage: start of a low res space suit:

looks interesting.

what kind of astrounaut suit are you making, russian, american/ old style? i also tried to make a suit, but it’s a hard job.

Nice progresse and keep updating us :yes:

Thanks guys,

Well, you know, I don’t believe in nations any more. I believe in ‘gens una sumus’! Old style? Yes, once you see this big circle history repeating, then you know that was all current ‘science fiction’ already here, once upon a time… :yes:

Shaping the form as a whole & searching for an optimal loops flow…

Added basic gloves and legs, shaping…

Btw, did you see an interesting coherence experiment that’s going on? Some interesting sensors they have there, I’ll build one too, in Blender of course! :slight_smile: Hmm, could it be simulated with a Blender’s force fields, boids, particles,… somehow?

Still tweaking the form…

& a small detail under a suit…

I call her Gaya.Today it’s her birthday.

Even if you don’t believe in nations anymore, that doesn’t change that in reality there are different styles/makes of space suits that are used by different nations…

Well DarthRender, most of the people are just programmed to think so. Who used a space suits in the Vostok space missions? Russians? No, brave Gagarin, Titov, Tereshkova, … etc. The same is with other things too. Who invented modern alternate current on example? Americans? No, genius Nikola Tesla, but then even he said that he didn’t invent anything, he just took existing things from the nature…
Nations are set to manipulate and control people, to make conflicts between them and to make ‘peaceful’ solutions after. Nations are fantasy borders with an ‘enemies’ behind, and for all those bloody fantasy borders people kill each other… Imagine, a child who is born a few meters away from a French is a German?! All that is so stupid and sad at the same time. I don’t know man, sometimes I think that I live in a parallel civilization or something, because all those nations, religions, races, …etc, hypes looks insane to me…

Anyway, I love designs of Jean Giraud, Zoran Janjetov, Juan Gimenez, Dylan Cole, Hajime Sorayama,… on example, and of course also designs of legends like are Syd Mead, Ralph McQuarrie, Michael Whelan, Chris Foss, … this list can go on end on, so there are just to many sci-fi design grand masters to say who’s art had the strongest impact on my design taste…

Ha, must be Janjetov, he is my Brother & The King after all!

I’m also very interested about the advanced technologies. It’s interesting to hear another brave astronaut Dr Brian O’Leary what he say about it:

wow, looks great, just needs to be smoother

Thank you ionee! Yeah, still searching for a smooth button… :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding more details…

f9> set smooth. you have to select the object first.

Sorry ionee, I just tried to be funny… :o

LOOOLLL! That made my day. Great model by the way! Great attention to detail. No crits here yet

Thank you blubernuget. :slight_smile:

OK, first clay render. I really like Approximate AO. It gives me better control over shadows than Raytrace AO & it’s faster too! Yeah, I love many Blender tools! :yes:

like the renders!

Love the style. This is a great piece!

reminds me of the suit from Armageddon.