ASUS ROG GTX 980 Titanium (Custom Design)

ASUS ROG GTX 980 Titanium Graphics Card made in Blender,PS
First i was using keyshot to render all these images but then i decided to use cycles :smiley: Cycles is nice.
This Graphics card have both Air+liquid cooling :smiley: ASUS ROG

Poster Look :smiley:

Front View

Back View

Fan Close Up

Cooler View

Do you want to sell this picture to Nvidia Corp?

Yeah i would like to but how ?

They wouldn’t be interested anyway. They have their own 3d artists.

:'3 lol sad

One small flaw, the blower fan doesn’t have a shield round the outside. It sucks in the air and blows it towards the heat sink. The fins are only connected to the bottom plate.

Other than that, very well presented - and I actually prefer that design to the previous cards. Good job!

lol yes, thanks :slight_smile:

is it not good ?
:frowning: any defects ?

Great renders. Material models very nice.

How did the renders compare to Keyshot? Were they similar or was Cycles significantly better? A colleague was looking at using Keyshot for a project but decided to use Cycles as they felt there would be more control over materials and lighting. Is this the case?

Cool idea and nice materials and lighting… but a few things stand out :

  1. Squirrel cage fans are entirely open, the sheath you have around it makes it do nothing. Just remove the outer section and let the blades show through. Added bonus of looking cooler too.
  2. The heat pipes are far too small. Those things look like maybe 4mm pipes compared to the regular 8mm+ diameter pipes used in the Asus DirectCU and other non-reference coolers. However, integrated heatpipes and blower style designs don’t work well together, since the heat pipes restrict air flow. Most of the new blower designs use a vapor chamber (basically a flat heatpipe) with fins attached directly to it. Again, if you look at the Asus Poseidon GTX780, you’ll see they opt for standard fans with three evenly spaced large heatpipes outside the vapor chamber area.
  3. The heatpipes are facing the wrong direction (top to bottom), they should start near the GPU die and move away as they gain distance from the board, in this render they start away from the die and merge inward.
  4. Fin pitch is too narrow. The relative pressure needed for fins that close together will be more than that squirrel cage will be able to produce at normal operating conditions.
  5. The shroud in a blower type should be almost pressed against the fins rather than in a v-shape. Again, it’s all about airflow.

And there are a few personal preferences that are the sign of a good high-end card:

  1. 8+6 or 8+8 PCI power (likely 8+6) instead of the reference 6+6, the STRIX-GTX980 already uses 8+6 so I don’t see them using less for a higher end card!
  2. Water cooling plugs should be a standard size, these look a bit small :wink:

Look forward to more of your designs!