Asylum: side effects

(ark4n) #1

A small tribute to a friend who had problems with black box medication and likes to play Alice: Madness Returns.

Rendered in Blender Cycles.

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(ark4n) #2

Cycles is great, I can not wait for the production version, with motion blur, particles, …

(Evil Moon MOose) #3

i like this one, maybe you could make a background version?

(RealTimeBrush) #4

Very nice work, a classic example of how to make a simple corridor cool!

(Professor Plumb) #5

looks a bit like the corridor from beetle juice

(magiciandude) #6

Awesome! Just…awesome! You need to let it render for longer to get rid of some of the grain though :stuck_out_tongue:

(ark4n) #7

Thanks for all comments, I rendered a new version with some enhancements (and less grainy):

(ZanQdo) #8

Did you know your image is being featured in dark roasted blend? By a huge coincidence I landed just landed in this thread and a few minutes later I was looking at this fb post of dark roasted blend

scroll down

(const) #9

Amazing artowork! Well done.
Is it difficult to create this? I am very interested in surreal art.