Asymetric Dual Monitor Setup - Please Help!

Hello guys,

at the moment I am learning how to use blender. Since I have some years of work experience with other 3D applications it hasn’t been too hard so far.

But there is one thing that I just couldn’t get right: my screen setup.

Is there a way to “really” use a dual monitor setup? Everybody tells you “just stretch blender over both monitors”.
That doesn’t quite work for me because I have two screens of different size and resolution. They do not even stand at the same height (I corrected that in the display settings so that the cursor will cross the border at the same height, though), so that when I stretch blender over both screens, some of its window area remains invisible “above” one monitor and “under” the other.

I made four areas, two of which cover exactly the invisible portions, but for many reasons that’s a rather bad workaround.

Is there a way to actually detach areas from blenders main window, so that it can be repositioned freely? I am used to do so with my tool panels in photoshop and 3dsmax, for example.
It’s also getting on my nerves that by just stretching it, blender covers both screens permanently, blocking space for instant messenger windows and so forth.

Hmm, sorry for the long story, I’m no good at making things short :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help!

greetings from darmstadt,