(Cativo) #1

Hi Blenderheads!! long time no “see”…just stoped by to post this update to my at-st model…with some texturing. What do you think? bad?

(freckleface) #2

nice model

I tried modeling a atst one time. I just didn’t have enough reference pics.

needs some more texture though…can’t wait till it’s finished.

all the way shweetness :wink:

(blengine) #3

thats very awesome! it nees a scene though :-?
what else are u planning to work on with it? its looking great

(YAYA) #4

Nice work! I think the legs are too near of each other, but for the rest “bravo!”


(pofo) #5

Very good work

Me is impressed.

  1. pofo

(djfuego) #6

Global illumination and you’re there

(Cativo) #7

Thanks for the replies everyone!
Textures: experimental only…I guess need to try again…
imgrandpaboy: I’m also fixing an AT-AT model I started a long time ago…
yaya: haven’t seen your movie yet…JK :wink: the legs are fine, I always use blueprints
pofo: thank you!
djfuego: maybe…
thanks again!

(Skates) #8

YEAH MAN. Quite good modelling, can’t really find anythinh wrong there. The textures, yeah, need work and maybe put it in some cool lighting or cool scene. Try exporting to LF and using radiosity, that sort of thing can look real nice with GI.

(sten) #9

I like it very much…nice done as in Blender :smiley: