at the open-source pond (kevin's world - episode 2)

at the open-source pond is the 2nd episode of my 3d vlog that i started in june while learning 3d and blender. modeling/animation was done with blender, video finishing/look with final cut express, the music with garage band:

watch/download (26 mb, mpeg-4/h.264)

i’d like get some feedback on this, there will be at least one more 3d vlog episode (i am working on it right now), then i hope that i will have covered (some of) the most important basics of blender that i need for those other projects i am thinking of…

btw: if anyone knows how-to best encode animation with bright colors for h.264 i’d really like to hear about your experiences. so far i was very happy with the h.264 codec, but this time there are visible artefacts even thought i encoded the video with 1500 kbits/sec. the strange thing is that it looks o.k. with the vlc, but with quicktime, which usually is very good with h.264, it does not look as good as i hoped it would.