At the 'Pojang Macha'

“Cold winter has arrived.
A cup of Odeng soup may help you to warm up.
or taking some Boong-O-Pangs also can be a great choice.”

“날씨가 많이 추워졌네요.
오뎅국물로 손 좀 녹이고,
붕어빵도 몇 마리 데려가세요.”

*Pojang Macha 포장마차: Korean style street food stall (cart)
*Odeng 오뎅: Fishcake stick
*Boong-O-Pang 붕어빵: Fish-shaped bread with sweet red bean paste inside.

( I’d tried to upload all of pieces of the artwork in once but yet I’m new user on this community so I can’t.
You can see the others in my Artstation page: )

This was my second work with using Blender, and there’re lacks of several expressions especially about textures though, but I focused on making what I’d wanted to share that about one of ordinary view of Winter in Korea. :slight_smile:


Really nice work, thanks for sharing! And welcome to the Blender Artists community :slight_smile:

Thanks! Guess I could have more fun with my learning process of blender as looking around those the artworks of blender artists’ here.

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