Atari 2600 Cartridge

A Blender Atari 2600 cart… Some initial doodling practicing with Boxcutter add-on to get to grips with it. Not sure what this’ll turn into but may attempt the ‘woody’ console itslelf…

Trying to get a bit of realism going on with Lens Distortion in compositiing, some DoF and liking the Nishita Sky Texture for creating the lighting (there are no other lights in the scene).

Black plastic casing has a bit of texture and grime. Need to figure out some aging of the labels though (edit… added some grunge style effect to the labels, so this could have been sitting in a damp garage for years)


Congratulations! Looks perfect.
You may want to experiment with “noise” for the cartridge’s edges.
Check this out:

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Thanks @DavidRivera really useful video.

I’m learning the Materializer add-on at the moment, as that seems to help create materials including the edge detect masks etc. so will see how I can get to grips with using that to help me acheive results.

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