Athletic girl (WIP)


This is my first character, I’ve been working on her off and on for a few months now. Head, face and feet are still going to get a lot of work, for now I’m focussing on getting the body completed.

I’m trying to get an athletic feel, so I’m going for muscular but feminine. I can’t help feeling that the shoulders are a little too broad or something, and the shoulders / armpits, muscles of arm, and the elbows can all use quite a bit of work. The upper surface of the shoulders seem to extend outwards too much.

Some critique of the work to date would be great.


Women’s hips are a bit wider than their shoulders. It doesn’t have to be blatent, but check your dimensions and adjust either the shoulders or the hips. I’d be cautios about putting ‘cuts’ on her muscles to show athleticism. Women naturally have more body fat, so divisions between muscles even on very athletic women are softened unless they combine serious dieting with their sports. You seem to be avoiding this problem so far.

Overall, looks good. Are the clothes part of the body mesh or are they added on top?

The overall proportions look good, though the head seems a bit small. The sweep of the trapezius muscles into the neck seem too broad, the neck could use bit more verticality on the sides. The area of the deltoids is particularly rough and needs work. This is a very problematic part of the body regardless of gender – the relationship between the deltoid, pectoral and bicep/tricep muscle groups is very complicated, with a lot of convoluted insertions and overlaps. Gather a ton of refs and study how this area reacts to shoulder flex – try to introduce some greater definition of the muscle groups involved.

BTW, Don’t be hesitant to post nudes if you want anatomy critiques and feedback. Also, posting wire shots is very valuable – modeling the human figure should start with topology that plays well with the forms being portrayed, and poor topology can fight your intent. This is particularly true in the shoulders. Good topology is also very important for animation, or even if just using a posing armature.

excellent work!It looks great.
:yes:maybe a side view(non ortho) could help us to have a better idea of the general shape.

Hi Orinoco

Thanks for the feedback.

By cuts on the muscles, I think the abdominals are the most heavily cut muscles on her body, and I kept these relatively soft. Would you say this is getting too close to hard cuts?

The clothes are part of the body mesh. I am preparing her for a game, the engine of which requires a single mesh. A while back I merged the body and clothing. This being my first project, it was a newb mistake. I have an old .blend with the original mesh and hope to retrieve the full body and complete it at a later stage.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Hi chipmasque

I’ve got a low poly mesh I’ve built over this sculpt in preparation for rigging and skinning, with the shoulders and pelvic areas being my main challenges. The game engine I’ll be using will not be able to utilize corrective shape keys, so I have to get the skinning as good as I can get it. Have been hesitant to tend to the detail on the shoulders/arms, but I feel encouraged to get it right. Will post the low poly rig at a later stage when the sculpt is closer to completion.

I’m really appreciating the value of good topology, more and more with the hours I put in. Hopefully I’ll make up for it in my final low poly retopo.

Will keep in mind the use of nudes and wire shots. This one however is a single mesh (newb move earlier I deleted the topology I thought I wouldn’t use).

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Hi filou.rod

side view (non-ortho) as requested.

For possibly more game friendly corrective deformation on shoulders and other problem areas, consider testing some constraint-driven corrective bones. I use these extensively for animation work but since it’s a bones-only approach it may work for your game models as well. A lot depends on whether your exporter will treat the constrained bones the same as the directly-keyframed bones. A simple test export would answer that question.

Bones-only solutions can be very powerful if carefully planned, and Blender’s constraints, in particular the Transformation constraint, can help a great deal. If you plan the rig well you shouldn’t need a huge number of correctives, so exceeding your game engine’s bone count limit shouldn’t be a problem.

The abs are the last place on the body cuts show up as ones body fat drops. For her to have those abs she’d already be showing some serious cuts on her arms, shoulders, back and legs. Given that she isn’t showing cuts there, her abs should be a lot softer. Bulges where there is underlying muscle, sure, but softened with a layer of subcutaneous fat.

will have a more serious look at constraint-driven corrective bones. my first tests worked, but the rigs themselves were really poor. thanks :slight_smile:


makes perfect sense, thanks.

lots to do :slight_smile:

Great job!very inspiring.:eyebrowlift:
Nice “s” of the backbone.
The neck/jaw region is really interesting!
I admire also the chest.

Maybe you should soften the abdominals.
The shoulder to clavicle line is maybe too flat (z axis).
I think that for this pose, the shoulder should be upper than the clavicle line.(maybe i read too much comics).

hi filou, and everyone.

thanks for the inputs, I just got back from a workshop this week, and got to be at home early this week.

going to fire up Blender and start working, using all your feedback.