ATI HD5750 OpenCL Blender problems

Hi to everyone,

Im using Blender 2.62 now with Cycles and had been very interested in Cycles rendering so I installed OpenCL 1.2 with all the drivers and download Blender 2.61 DEMO files from the I also configured the preferences (Render device) to use OpenCL and choose “Juniper” (GPU inside my HD5750).

Now about the problem:

  1. Tried rendering the MikePan - BMW scene without a problem and with expected result which means CLAY render appears as mentioned in Blender manual - authors said that OpenCL is NOT finished yet and only CLAY is available with ATI so this was ok, but…

  2. When opening any other scene Cycles computes the image in colours (NOT CLAY) so I think it means the CPU was used instead of GPU - also because the computing was MUCH slower. I opened preferences again but the settings was UNchanged … still OpenCL and Juniper selected. So I tried restarting Blender, load another scene etc. but nothing helps.

Looks like Cycles could work with my GFX card because the BMW scene renders without a problem but why the others NOT? Anyone knows?

The other thing is that I have installed OpenCL with some beta ATI drivers which comes with some additional files. In README there is mentioned that I have to overwrite some files in OpenCL install folder but … could someone tell me where da hell is the OpenCL install dir on Win7 x64??? I did NOT find it…

 THX in advance - sincerely, Jan

Did you choose “GPU Compute” in the Render settings? I have HD5750 as well and I am not having any problems with it (only CLAY renders of course).

that does sound strange…

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Wait until AMD fix their drivers (my guess after Catalyst 12.5 ), then give us 2-3 months to tune for that, only then you can try it. Stick with CPU for now, or go dark side (nvidia 460-580)

Please follow the following link as many times as possible, on that blog is a hitcounter and some important links that are aimed at either supporting development of blender or AMD OPENCL, as well as the most important link of all, the one with exclamation marks, which takes you onto the AMD issue report form…
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PS i am open to suggestions(constructive) as to how to improve this campaign