ATI motion blur (and others)

Please don’t be harsh with the crits, these are my FIRST ever attempt at filters…

Ideal for FPS games, it uses the camera movement for blurring, giving the impression of motion blur, but it doesn’t actually blur any moving objects…

GLSL_Coding2.blend (391 KB)

The motion blur relies on the camera script.

Sorry if you were expecting Martinsh level wizardry here… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also included are a “Glow” filter and a High contrast filter.

Thanks haker, that is very good its way better than the blender one i think! the bllur really give some high speed movement effect, its amazing.
I compared with the blender one and this one is way more advanced thanks again

Motion blur did not seem to do anything for me (windows vista, ati HD4850) :(, glow added some funny nice blue :cool: and scatter does split the edges making them less sharp/more blurry

that is pretty neat technique Haker23,
I like :slight_smile:

When you tested the motion blur, did you move the mouse? It only blurs camera movement, if not that is why, else, that is curious, and makes my “ATI motion blur” claim a bit… bleh.

The light scattering didn’t get finished, and I can’t remember what it does at the moment, but thanks :smiley:

I made the glow add a component of blue to shadows, because in the scene, the light is a warm orangey colour and so the shadows contrast this; based on a discussion with an art teacher a while back about shadows (as you can probably tell from my other works, I no longer do any art subjects). Plus shadows are usually a cold blue anyway.

Thanks, martinsh :smiley:

If i could kiss you right now i totally would, amazing work!

very nice!