atomic boy

Having a play with toon shading in cycles…

I love the style! Also very good use of bright colours.

Beautiful work, pokestuff. The color palette is vibrant and diverse, and yet easy on the eyes. The complexity in your image is fun to behold, as well! I especially like all the tiny cars and the collapsing roads and buildings. The animation as well is very good! The scene reminds me of Akira, with the big sphere of energy inside the city.

Terrific, fun work! The toon shaders look excellent!

Looks fantastic! And, believe it or not, I didn’t even now about the toon shader!

thanks for the comments guys!

Very stylish and cool animation work! Love it!

Fantasticly frightening cute-apocalypse! I love it. The only thing I would like to add is the sound of thousands of little squeaky screaming voices. :slight_smile:

Quite an interesting juxtaposition of Japanese Kawaii culture and Kaiju Movies, the image at least really does give a oddly 2D anime look that just barely hangs on to its 3D nature.

Good work overall.

awesome work as usual


I really like it!