An asset manager.


  • Import
  • Convert
  • Untiling

  • Triplanar
  • Height blend

  • Detail blend



Wow! This looks like a really amazing addon!
Just wondering, are there any significant performance impacts from using these large node groups compared to just a principled bsdf?
Thanks for sharing!

Whyyyyyyy ? Just why didn’t i find this post earlier… I just remade a whole castle with Masonry addon… i’m gonna cry :’(

This should be in official Blender build !

It depends. The focus was on quality and control. Triplanar is expensive. Only the untiling - 20-40%.

Sure, stacking up materials will quickly add up to being heavy on performance My laptop is stressed. GTX 760m and i7 4700HQ are not enough. I can’t do precise tests because of thermal throttling.

The add-on probably will be merged.


Wow, thanks for the great answer!
Honestly, it’s probably worth it for the enormous amount of control it gives you (And that untiling is just amazing!)
Thanks again!

Merged with? “Library tool”?

Seems amazing, but I can’t find the proper way to name the textures, tried with A for albedo ect… but the pluggin still gives an error when loading the images.
Isn’t there an example of what the pluggin expect for texture names ?
Could be amazing if it accepted quixel textures as they are named, mostly to use the untilling I guess as that would be a huge plus.
Thanks !

@lsscpp Yes. It is an asset manager that has all the Material Applier functionality and more. Sorry for the late reply.

@loic_bramoulle It should work with Quixel textures. I use them. Can you give me the error? The names that the addon expects are in the bitmap_type_name_conventions.json.

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  • Folder-based asset manager. An asset is a folder in the main library folder. info.json - info about the asset, icon.png - preview.
  • Get info/asset from web, supported urls:
  • Dolly Zoom
  • Replace Material
  • Match UV to the world scale
  • Convert a material to PBR, only simple for now
  • Ungroup with values preserving
  • Auto import zips from Blendswap and Quixel Megascans, folders with an asset and its url in formats: .url, .desktop, .webloc for supported sites. .sbsar’s embedded info and from the Substance Source

hi :slight_smile:

sorry but i cannot get this amazing atool run in 2.92 :frowning:

i tried to set it up through the zip or by copying the atool folder in the right place but it won’t start.

Any idea please ?

thanks and happy blending !

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Getting the same error. Have you found any fix?

Edit: I found a fix. Delete the plugin and restart Blender with administrator privileges. Re-install and done :slight_smile:

I have reproduced the error. It can be resolved by restarting Blender. Re-installing the add-on does not do anything as No module named 'cv2' is a dependency error. The rights elevation is not needed.

Hey @Unwave

ATool sure looks like an awesome tool in the works. Does it work with 2.93 yet?
How do you set up the library correctly? Can it load from existing libraries?
The Docs seem to be focused on the “Material Applier” only.

Bit of (tiny, haven’t tested that much) feedback:
“Split Blend” seems like the “risky misclick” button.
“Unrotate” is brilliantly smooth.
“Move to Library” gives me: “No library folder specified.” in the Blender Info Log, though I did add a library (multiple harddrives)

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Does it work with 2.93 yet?


How do you set up the library correctly?

Choose a folder in the add-on preferences and press Update.

Can it load from existing libraries?

Yes. A library is just a folder with folders with __info__.json files. It will create one if there is none.

The Docs seem to be focused on the “Material Applier” only.

I rely on Blender tooltips. Node group sliders cannot have tooltips yet, so The docs are focused on it. It is outdated.

“Move to Library” gives me: “No library folder specified.”

Did you press Update in the preferences? I will make it run an update on the property change. Another way to choose the folder independently is to have config.json in the add-on root folder, which can have

	"library": "D:\\asset\\data",
	"auto": "D:\\asset\\__auto__",
	"dev_mode": true
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  • Arrage By Materials: Arrange objects by used textures and materials.

  • Render Partial: WIP, render an image in parts to bypass RAM limit for adaptive subdivision, de-noise may produce artifacts

  • Fixed get_web_texturehaven_info

  • A small type_definer refactor adding support for exceptions like ‘_ddna’


Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Really looks like a great tool in the making!

Any updates with this addon? Im really interested about this! Im confused at the library asset thingy, and i hope the convert to PBR button get updated


There are some updates coming soon regarding the addon’s initialization optimization and other.

The library thing is confusing and needs explanations. Besides that it is a work around the old Blender’s blend import API which is lacking. In a core it is a folder with folders and each folder is treated as a meta asset with a logic to import the contained files.

The convert to PBR operator was supposed to convert any material nodes setup to a single Principled BSDF. It is implemented as a part of my other project blend_converter along side with baking. I have plans to add it to atool.

Sorry for the late reply.