attach object to rb

Hey, I’m quite new so this might be obvious…

I have a rigid body using a motor constraint to move through my scene. Now i want to attach severel objects to it.
Parenting doesnt work, because as soon as my simulation starts the parented object is disconnected.
But when using an active fixed constraint, the overlapping meshes of my objects act weird and kinda block my motor.
I dont really need them to be a rb - actually i would be fine if they just moved along with the rest.

what i want

with fixed constraints

blendertest - Kopie (8).blend (6.15 MB)

Thx for any help

Remove the rigid body from the object you want to parent to the hull. If you want them to have collision then you have to use an empty or another object with a rigid body constraint to act as a medium.

Something who could surely help you looking at what you try to achieve.

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