attach to hand & de-attach

my character is holding an object, i managed to make it move with the hand bone but i want to dettach it in a certain time, how? and another time i get it parented

ps: i’m using paloman’s rig.

is there anything like parenting weight?


Try using bone constraints. One bone for the hand, another for the object to pick up. Then animate a Child Of constraint, or a Copy Location constraint, to make one bone copy the other at the specific frame where the character grabs the object.

i found another solution!

the glass object has copy location and copy rotation and i control the influence ipo…
but the problem is that it get back to another place when i reach influence zero in ipo

That’s probably because you have to set the timing of the frames right. The influence of the IPO has to change from one frame directly to the next and vice-versa.

That’s probably because you have to set the timing of the frames right. The influence of the IPO has to change from one frame directly to the next and vice-versa.

the influence ipo get’s suddenly from 1 to 0, which i right.
i wish there is an easy solution.

But I think it should not be an IPO, but a constraint, you can still apply constraints to objects, not just bones.

still can’t figure it out! :frowning:

Post the .blend…

I normally use the child of constraint for this… and normally I have a file on my computer that shows how to do it, but I’m not on my computer. I’ve posted the .blend before… Try this link:
It’s a 2.49b file. Pay close attention to the IPOs of the object and the constraint. The object’s IPOs remain set at the object’s initial location until the frame where the constraint’s influence goes to 0. On the frame where the constraint goes to 0, set a VisualLoc IPO for the object, then turn off the constraint, and key it’s influence.

You could probably achieve the same thing using copyloc/rot constraints, but then you’d have to mess with 2 constraints instead of 1. I like it simple…


This url helped me a great deal to solve this type of issue:

thank you both!
i will try and tell you!

it worked well for me

This link
worked for me also but still i am having a problem.
Iam unable to use this animation in game mode.
In animation I am able to pick up the object properly but in game mode only hand is moving.

Can some one help me with this please.

ksksandeep: did you make an ipo actuator for the object that gets grabbed?

please see the atatched blend file

iam able to move cube in animation(ALT+a)
but unbale to move cube in game mode(after pressing p)
I have used left button of mouse sensor to start animation in game mode.
but only hand is moving without cube
if possible please correct this file and send me such that it works good in game mode.

Thank you


move_cube.blend (287 KB)

You simply make a render to the point where you want to detach the object, then you unparent your prop and do the rest of the render with your character only.

i dont want to detach that object i want that cube to move along with the hand in game mode

use the parent actuator


parentGE.blend (128 KB)

I have to pick an object and move around in game mode.
harkyman tutorial is working well for picking up object but I am unable to see that pickup of object in game mode though i use proper actuators

i think that some constraints won’t work in the game engine
ask in the game engine forum here at BA :wink: