Attach ZIP or Blend Files?

Hi All,

Just wondering if the site admins will allow use users to attach .blend files or .zip files to posts?

This would be a great addition to the site. Many times I could post a .blend to illustrate a point, but I have no where to host the files and those free sites sck and expire and make you jump through a bunch of crap to get the files. One site I was linked to from this site got me into a computer scan loop that scared the hell out of me. I had to terminate all browser process for fear my computer was being infected by these “free” hosting services.

Well there is always
It’s down right now due to some abuse from some hackers. But for blender related things, like .blend files, this is a really good option. should be back next month I think.

I agree it would be cool if BA could make it so we could post .blends on here though.

Most forum software can be configured to allow such attachments.

I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked on an external link from here only to find it down, missing, or password protected.

I think it would improve the community to allow these attachments.

Exactly my point, other sites do go down.
What’s the difference between a .BLEND file and a .JPEG file? They could both be attachments.

If I remember right there might be some copyright issues with this.

I would also assume there would also be size issues since .blends are larger than .jpgs. Consider just a default scene with cube/lamp/light, its 108 kb (you say not so bad). Rendered at 800x600 at 90 quality, its 12 kb (not so bad again). Now consider a scene with hundreds of thousands of polys: the .blend is going to be megabytes (multiple megabytes, .blend files can get big quickly if you let them), the .jpg/.png/etc. is still going to be in the kilobyte to low megabyte range even rendered at several thousand pixels.

a bit off topic, but since the original poster mentioned zip…

Usually I think it is much better to apply the compression within blender itself with the File > Compress command, it’s more streamlines, less app to open, and generally offers a much nicer experience… It also avoids the ‘what is this tar.gz/zip/rar/7z file?’ comment

There is a size issue with .blend files. Even a small scene with packaged textured can take up a lot of space. I wonder if it’s in any way usefull to allow blend files when you have to limit the file size to 1 - 2 Mb.