attaching a popup NOTE to an object in 3d viewer

Is there a way to add a visual text note to an object in the 3D viewport?

Is there an addon or some method to make text notes or markers? that you can see in viewport

I have two different versions of same object with different rig. in separate layers. I want to be able to see my notes on the object in the 3D viewer so I can quickly remember which is which.

pop up not really
but you can add some notes on object with grease pencil

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thanks Ricky

it would be great if grease pencil had a TYPE option, along with draw, line, erase…

can you elaborate !
type ???

you can define custom variable per object if necessary!

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Use a text object and parent it to the object in question so that you’ll see it whenever you see the object. Make the text object non-renderable if you don’t want to have to worry about removing it when you render.

The only other option is the Grease Pencil.

what I mean by type is:

grease pencil has draw, line, erase, poly.
it should also have a text option whereby instead of drawing text words you can actually TYPE words / Letters ABC…
the idea is to have a text note attached to an object, bone etc

Why do you need a note? If your just wanting to tell difference, why wouldn’t just the names work? Not sure if you seen the “add a note in node editor” add-on. That might be a start to making a addon for notes for objects in 3d view.

I use Measure it add-on for measuring stuff, but it also has a ‘Annotation’ function, that does exactly what you are talking about. You just enter the text, and press that button and it creates an empty with a text annotation associated with it at 3d cursor’s location. You can choose size and color of the text and it’s very easy and fast to use it. Measureit comes with Blender so you just need to activate it by going to user preferences(ctrl+alt+u) and searching for Measureit in the addons tab.

@MartinZ - Is MeasureIt available for older versions of Blender? I have Blender 2.76b (I think).

why don’t you update to latest ver
so many new tools and faster too!

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You can download it from github or with a new version of Blender and copy it, see if it works in the older version - but seriously, is there a reason to use an older version?

I just tried upgrading from 2.76b. It won’t load on my obsolete computer, which I knew was going to be the case. At least I have the add-on now. Thanks!

If you can work on 2.76, I see no reason 2.78 should not work for you. What is the hardware and OS? Are video drivers up to date? How is it failing?