Attaching Eyes & Hair to the head

Mine is a very simple question:
I have made a model of eyes (in the form of a mirrored pair), separate from a ready model.
The eyepair fits nicely in the model’s eye sockets but won’t stay attached when the body moves.
What’s the best way to anchor the eyepair to the head? Is parenting or a child-of constraint of any use?

And similarly how to attach a separate hair mesh object securely to the head?

Answers will be appreciated.

If you’re moving things with an armature, it’s usually best to parent eyes directly to eye bones. As for the hair you can ctrl-j to join that object into the body object. It will remain a separated mesh though. Then it’s just a matter of weight painting it to the head bone properly. If you want to leave it as a separate object you can either weight it to the armature like the body, or parent it directly to the head bone. The choice depends partly on how much the head itself will deform. For cartoony characters this gets more complicated.

Thank you. Horseman. I’ll have a go and see how it works.

Do i parent the eyes to the head/mesh?