Attaching objects to bones in armatures?

I have several un-animated models that I am trying to animate (its the only thing I can do really…modeling and animating…no talent in texturing lol). However, these models are broken into separate pieces for each body part. Normally I see this in models made with 3DS MAX and so I just join the pieces together, but these models were in blender format which makes me think that maybe that is intentional. Is there some way to attach each of these individual pieces to separate armature bones so that I can pose and animate them?

you can parent meshes to bones by selecting the object, then shift-selecting the bone in pose mode and pressing ctrl+p->to bone. If you want the pieces to be skinned, you can parent them to the armature object and choose armature->bone heat and it should give you decent default weighting :slight_smile:

Alternately, you could join them all into one mesh with ctrl+j, and assign each part to each bone using vertex groups…

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Thanks g <3