Attaching softbodies to bones?

I’ve been trying to find a way of pinning a softbody to a bone instead of an object (for example, it would cause someone’s cape to stay on their back instead of wherever their back is in their rest position). So far I’ve tried the following:

  • Pinning the softbody to an empty or invisible mesh that’s parented to the bone. However, this causes the softbody to be pinned in mid-air and never move, as well as collide with the armature.
  • Parenting and pinning the softbody to a bone causes a crash.
  • Putting “Armature.Bone” in the constraint target box. Was worth a try.And I can’t get the softbody to collide with the armature’s mesh yet not with the armature, either.

So is there any clever code to pin a softbody to a bone, or is this a case of feature abusing (trying to push a new feature too far)?

feature abuse I’d say, good find!

Well, first of all, armatures do not yet (to the best of my knowledge) support physics deformation. ie, it only transforms the visual projection of the mesh it modifies, but it keeps the bounds of the undeformed mesh.

With that in mind (and the idea that I don’t know much more in the topics of physics), I do not think it possible (yet) to do what you are asking for.

This is a good tutorial about the softbody in any case, you might wanne check it out :slight_smile: