Attachment downloads are all .php files

I have recently tried to download some sample blend files on this site, in order to look at scripting within the BGE, but they all download as .phps. I have renamed them to .htmls as per some advice I found while googling the problem, though this only created a webpage full of gibberish which wasn’t useful in any way. Can anyone help at all?

Open them with blender instead?

Can you post an example?,most if not all blender files come in .blend association format.

There is no .blend file when I click on the attachment, just a file called “attachment.php”, can this be opened in Blender, I thought php was some kind of internet scripting language like html?

Check the URL to which a link points before to use [RMB] --> “Save link as…” (I suppose that’s what you’re doing.) Blend files attached directly in BA produce a link to a PHP page… which is just text and can’t be of any use in Blender.

Instead, you can either simply left-click or use [RMB] --> “Open link in a new tab”. (For me, in Firefox, that’s just [MMB].) It works most of the time. Either you get a blank tab and the blend file is saved or, in general, when the file is stored elsewhere, you get a new page with a button to download.

Beware that some hosting sites are mis-configured and serve you the blend files as text files. Firefox will start to display the contents. Close the tab, go back to BA and then use [RMB] --> “Save link as…” That’s the only case where it’s mandatory. In all other cases, just don’t do it.

That’s just my 0.02 Euro of the day. :wink:

I’ll try it, thanks

It didn’t work, might that be because I’m using internet explorer?

Hmmm… To be honest, I know nothing about IE. I’ve only ever used it to download Mozilla (last century) and then Firefox… before I switched to Linux.

Still, I suppose that BA pages are tested against IE so the simple left-click should work.

Now, if nothing works, neither the left-click nor any entry in the right-click menu, that might be because IE doesn’t know anything about blend files. (MS and the OpenSource world, well…) First, I must tempt you to switch side. Firefox, Chrome, or even Opera? :wink:

Next, I can only suggest to start a new thread with a very explicit title like “IE and BA attachments. Howto?”. You describe your problems and ask for a workaround. Just expect a few more or less indecent proposals to switch side… :wink: But, eventually, you might get lucky and find another IE user. :smiley:

Just to add to the confusion - I’m using IE and there are no problems with the links. I’m guessing you might have your updates set to automatic and your system got updated on Tuesday? (I don’t, I wait about a week for them to fix problems.)

That is interesting i am having the same problem.

It would be helpful if you posted a link to the post that you’re trying to get the attachment from. The file might be deleted, or it may just be that you’re still right-clicking too early.

I am getting Attachment php files.

Left-clicking? On which browser/OS?

Windows 7 home premium.

And your browser?

My browser is internet explorer?

My guess is that’s the culprit. Have you tried with any other browsers?

No I did not.Do I have to install it?

If you want to try other browsers, yes, you have to install them.

I’m using IE11. Well, that’s what I have so that’s what I tested with.

The attachment download is actually the blend file you want but the name/ext is changed to attachment.php.

While here at BlenderArtists in IE go to Menu > Tools > Compatability View settings (or click the Tools icon to get there). Add this site to the Compatibility View list… should already be in the add text box if you do this while here. You’ll probably have to log back into the site here after doing this.

Btw… Welcome to BA Forums Blenderman88.


Yes, that works.:wink: