Attack Cruiser

Here is the Attack Cruiser. Blender was lagging bad while I was trying to finish the rest of the ship. Little note: this ship had over 170,000 vertices. Anyway here it is. Hope you like em.



Looks pretty nice :slight_smile: Good job.

Nice work. Is there any postpro on those images or is it all blender?

100% Blender. What is post pro?


So dark that I can barely see any details (and I’m on an LCD monitor).

From what I can see it looks like you need more details, most of it is just texture, and work on the lighting.

Good start, but I don’t think it’s finished.


I can hardly see anything and I’m on a crt…

It need more detail and turn of spec on the materials IMHO that would help.

Post-Production. When you take the image produced in Blender, and tweek it with Adobe Photoshop or other paint program.

Ahhh, I see. Thanks.

Been following your wip for a while now, this is definitely not finished, it’s a great start but there is a lot that you left up to your tiled hull texture that just looks completely unfinished. If your computer is running slowly, perhaps thing of removing some of your less noticable greebles and add more primary objects in and then go back if your processor can handle it and add back in the greebles you removed. Good Luck.

I know it lacks alot of stuff, and I really wanted to add more. But my computer was lagging pretty bad when I was about half way through with the greeble I got now. It is so annoying. When my computer gets to about 150,000 vertices it gets kinda bad. I will see what I can do.


I know it’s in space, but you really need to add some lighting. Maybe put it next to a star or something.