I am taking on a project to detail this atte and make a good picture with a clone in it. I will need a tutorial on how to make blasts like in star wars though so I need some help. ^^ Thanks guys.

what kind of blasts? lasers?

As a star wars fan I would be happy to help you. The model now looks great, not much to crit there. Now for the laser blasts I would recommend doing them in the gimp after rendering. Just do a google search for gimp lightsaber tutorials and plenty should show up. Wait a minute lightsaber? ya search for lightsaber tutorials the laser blasts are made the same way as a lightsaber and will only take about 5 minutes for each one (or less) with practice.

Cough* I uh didn’t make that model I got that reference from google images. Cough* Cough* Sigh*

Aw well i’m sure your modelling will be just as good

Hey can someone set the image up to be nice reference photos. Like allign them I suck at that. I mean very badly. I always somehow get it to be like upside down and crooked and i do not know anyways if you guys could do that it owuld be great!

hey wait actually i think i might have it! This feels good! I always never do something because I don’t think I can. Allright I got this!

well, there is a way to do starwars lightsabre and lasers without gimp…try this, hope it helps. folder/light%20laser%20saber%20beam.blend folder/light%20laser%20saber%20beam.blend

yes it is possible to do it in blender, (i never said u couldn’t) but its easier in gimp or photoshop
P.S. nice lightsaber, good work with the halos

Wow thats nice hey tcrazy I have all the lazers i need sorry. ^^_

Hey guys check out what I got so far. I need help though its hard!

ok, looks nice so far but try turning on set smooth and edge split modifier on everything.