Attempt at a male head

It’s been a while since I’ve sculpted a human head so I decided to finish this one. It’s supposed to be a semi-realistic style. I’ve made some textures and a normal map. Critique is much appreciated! I focused only on the face though so the ears and neck are more or less only placeholders right now.

The ears are a little too flat, but other than that it looks great.

Thank you, I agree that I need to fix the ears

I ended up procrastinating today so instead of working on the ears, I’ve enhanced the mesh a bit and added some more details to the texture. I’ve added some more brows and some small hairs around the mouth/chin area.

The eyes look a little small, and they’re too high. They should be closer to the halfway point on the head (the nose and mouth may need vertical adjustment too when you move the eye and brow down).

The texturing looks pretty solid, and the nose and cheek shaping look rightgood, but the eye and lower lip feel off. Topology is pretty good, though the mouth corners are a bit non-traditional (there’s usually a loop around the outside of the mouth that connects it to the chin, instead of getting boxy).

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thanks for the insight, I see what you mean with the eyes and the lower lip. I did mess up the topology around the mouth which pretty much threw off all of the loops (beginner mistake). I’ll make sure to be mindful of that in the future

Your topology is 90% of the way there though, you’re really close. What you’ve got is salvageable with a little retopology. Though if you don’t need him to be particularly expressive for this portrait and don’t plan to reuse the mesh for other characters, this is probably workable.

I see, it wouldn’t hurt to retopologize him though I won’t really use him for anything. It was more like a practice because I couldn’t let go when I messed up another model a month ago… so I tried to make one again. I also did lower his eyes and it definitely looks better/more natural. I edited the eyes, mouth and nose twice.

I guess I prefer either small or really big eyes so I’ll probably stick with the small ones

smaller eyes:

bigger eyes:

also for reference this is what I meant when I said I messed up a month ago :sweat_smile: