Attempt at a Photo-Realistic Render (Contrasting Sounds)

Hi all. My first post on here :slight_smile:. I’m sharing a render of my attempt at creating a photo-Realistic bell and a wind Chime. I tried to keep it as simple as possible and focus more on details. Textured in blender and a tiny bit of grading with the compositor.

Ambient Occlusion pass

Even though I rendered using a bit of volume scatter, I added just a bit of mist in the compositor.

I’ll be glad to get feedback.


nice render, it looks very realistic :ok_hand:

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I like the rough fibers on the rope.

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Thanks for the compliment.

I really love this

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I’d like to see just a little bit more light under the roof – it’s rather dark.


True, you will never get that darkness in such a daylight.

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Thanks for the tip. I guess a little more light would make it better. I had to put a light source in the bell so the ball becomes visible in the render but didn’t consider the rest of the roof.

Wouldn’t that depend on a couple factors such as camera sensor size, lens, aparture and exposure and of course post process? The backlight would also have influence over this.

Yeah. I kind of like the darkness. It gives a sense of depth.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Wow!! Thanks so much @bartv !

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