Attempted my first Underwater Scene

A lot of learning happened for me during this exercise. Particles, Domains, Displacements, Cloth sim, and Mixamo! Hope you enjoy my final outcome. If I were to do anything more it would be to add a shadowy creature moving just out of the darkness in the background and Sea Snot covering everything!!

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Raw out of Render Version

Final Composited Version

Thanks for checking it out!


very nice work! btw cgboost is doing underwater challenge and you could submit it there too


The raw render looks better, because you are not raising contrast. Btw contrast and colours , depending on how deep you are, may not be as pronounced, due to the light rays travelling through density. Generally without a direct diver’s lamp or being close to the water surface, objects appear rather colourless and dark. Glassy objects do not show anything other than refractive distortion. No glossiness at all. I thought I saw some glassy looking objects on the person’s head.

Looks nice though


2 for 1! oh yea! Love watching you put this together. Final Composited Version is looking real nice! GL.

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Completely agree with you on all counts. I felt it needed visual pop and to be a little more attention grabbing which is why I made those artistic choices. But maybe I just need to composition better to get that pop without over contrasting and increased saturation… still trying to figure out what works as I journey down the 3d path! Thank you for the advice! :smiley:

Thank you and Yes! I noticed the cgboost challenge too! :smiley:

Thank you for your kind words!