Attempted Wounded Skin Texture

Hi Guys, just want to share something I made. This is my first time making a node tree this big, so I am a bit proud. Granted it is not perfect, but I like it.

Also, did not even notice that it is the 1st of November here from where I live lol. Welcome to nodevember I guess.


Nice work, but is this a Nodevember entry though? For which prompt?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Red I guess?
But it is not on till the 11th, so I am not sure if this qualifies.

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Ok I guess that works :slight_smile:

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It’s just a coincidence, but I love this ad next to this post:


You’re right. The whole system is rigged :smiley:

Nice. It has a great road-rash or recently healed scab fell-off look.

A little wetness would make it gross in the best way. As would a scab layer.

I think oozing scabs is CTRL-ALT-SHIFT S and drag with middle mouse :crazy_face:.