Attempts at digital photography.

Here is my attempt at digital photography. These pictures were taken on my mini-vacation to Arizona (USA). All pictures are taken with a Nikon CoolPix digital camera (I think it’s 4 megapixels)

Anyway, these cloud pics could also make nice backgrounds for 3d art as well.

Any comments or crits would be appreciated!

Wow, those are great! That last one just makes me feel like I’m there. :smiley:

The first was great, the 3rd pretty good… the forth one would be brilliant, but only if you removed the reflection in the lower right to show you weren’t in an aeroplane.

Imagine standing on a big rock taking these!

Very nice! They are beautiful!

i love number 4.

the last one has some bad dispersion. I think photoshop might be able to take it out.

the third is very beautifull i like it

I love clouds! Maybe I can use this as a way to get aquainted with photoshop. Can anyone point me to some good tutorials on how to correct some of the flaws in my images?



That is an awesome software video tutorial site. It is $25(US) a month, but you get unlimited access to the literal hundreds of different software titles. This is where I learned Photoshop. If you want to try it, the first three “chapters” of every title are free to watch.


nice cumulua, or is cumulonimbus?