Attic Workspace

here is my visualization of the small attic workspace done recently. In this project i wanted to play with some render settings and lighting setup. Hope You like it!

Blender 2.78a
Render time: 2h
Samples: 2000

For more renders click on the link to my Artstation profile:


Pretty sweet job! Love it :smiley:

Thank You!

Excellent work! The lighting is just right. Also, I think its a nice design, except that I don’t like the bed cover, it doesn’t match the nordic vibe the room has (just personal taste). What did you use? HDRi, Sun and Portals? A.O.? Congrats!

Thank You so much! For lighting i’ve used a sun lamp, one area light placed in the window. In the world panel i’ve set basic white background surface and i’ve also used AO. You can see more details below.


Very nice!
I must say I’m impressed.
Nice Lighting and extremely “clean” render for Cycles. Have you done anything special to get reed of noise (eg. Post Production de-noising)
I could never produce so clean interior renders with only 2000 samples. :smiley:

Thank You SunBurn.
I think that what’s making it clean is mainly Ambient Occlusion because it makes darker areas brighter (shadow=noise). Other thing that allow me to make noise-free render was a b wide nodepack and its great PassCombine denoiser or something like this (link:


First of all, great work. Really inspiring.
I’m also working on an interior scene and I’m trying to get the best settings to make it realistic. At the moment I’m really struggling with the materials of the walls (I have white walls as yours) and also with the intensity and size of the lights (I also have an area and sun lamp).

Can you share how you setup your wall material and the lights setup?


This is a really nice work !!

Thank you for sharing your settings. I’m actually working on an interior scene and it was difficult for me to get rid of noise before reading this. Removing the Sky texture helped me to reduce substancially the noise.

Could you tell me more about :

  • The value of the strength of the sun ?
  • Did you set the multiple importance map resolution on ?
  • What is the node setting of the material you used to render the wall ?
  • What is the “red square” obect on the second screenshot ?

Thank you.


Area light in my scene has 20 cm size, 2 bounces, Multiple importance on and 20 of strength. About Sun lamp it’s 1 cm size, 1024 bounces, Multiple importance on and 1 strenght.

In terms of walls shader it’s 2 white diffuse shaders plugged into add shader which was my trick that i’ve forgotten to show You.


In my world panel i’ve also used multiple importance map resolution on. About this red square in the screenshot it’s the border area i’ve used to render in viewport faster. Hope it’ll help You.

Thanks for your answers krsblend. I just didn’t get the walls shader. You said two white shaders with add shader? That doesn’t seem to work with me. Do you mean Mix Shader?

nố rất đẹp

@krsblend: thank you for your answers.

Wow! Very nice!

First of all, the lighting is spectacular! Period.

Second, how did you get the scene so bright without blown-out highlights near the window? Usually renders like this use the custom builds (by lukas) that have the “White Value” slider, but you managed to do it with a standard build, and without adjusting the White Level, right?