Atttribute Error with dupligroups

I’m trying to do this in python:

Pinky = scene.getObjectList()['OBPinky']
if owner.nextNode != Pinky.nextNode:
     go = True

Pinky is a linked object in the scene. Python gives an attribute error for Pinky’s nextNode attribute. Can’t you get the properties of a dupligroup this way?

dupligroup objects are destroyed once the replica objects are added

So you can’t? I’m saying I’m creating an instance of the Pinky object (which already has a property nextNode) in my scene as a dupligroup, and I want to check its value, but python says the object has no such attribute. It’s true the the dupligroup object doesn’t have the property, but the object the group is linked to does. How would I get it?

Is this a case where you’d want to use the global dictionary?