Auckland, New Zealand

Hiya All,
Is there anyone who lives here ?

I think all the Kiwi’s are in Christchurch actually…
Me, ddwagnz, rpgsimmaster, Aligorith, darthsirrah, Popsy, Nitronic755 and I think Alltaken is here now as well. There’s probably more, but that’s all that I know of.


Lobo_nz is in Auckland, but you don’t want to ever run into him

Yeah, those are all I can recall…

woah, its growing. I’m a Chch native as well, but studying in Wellington. I’ll be back for summer though.

traitor: Yeah, I thought you were from Chch, but I couldn’t remember your name.

Alltaken: haha :stuck_out_tongue: He seemed really nice when I talked to him on nzblender

Hamilton here :frowning:

See that’s what I am talking about, just can’t go near the man.

we feel your pain.

imma Aucklander meself.WESTIES all the way!

yah Anthony, feel for you bro.All those farms…

Westies - is that Titirangi, Glen Eden, Kelston ? If so . . . I live near you!

hey I’m way out west to, and as fate would have it, watching “outragous fortune” as I type…hmmmm.

is it true that in new zealand, in the same day, you can surf AND skii

yes that is true, ezy.go to the beach, then go to either snowplanet, or to the mountains, if your in South Island. Glen Eden is a leeedle bit away rom me, im in West Harbour westgate area, Hobby Road.

Well sure you could, but the water would be absolutely freezing in winter :evilgrin: I’ll just stick to skiing for the whole day; Awesome fun!

i know some guy

Yep - Most surfies use a wetsuit :spin:

Is that guy a hori ?

I am in Auckland NZ

You guys better watch out, i’ll be heading in my Uncles direction near Christchurch in a year or two and i don’t know if i’ll want to go back home. Only place on earth i found more desirable than home, only downside was the sand flies.